Who can become member and types of membership

Who can become a member?
ISPN membership requirements:
1. A Life member may reside anywhere in India
2. A member must have an active interest in pediatric nephrology and be medically qualified.
3. Members of Regional and/or National Pediatric Nephrology Societies from outside India will be eligible for ISPN membership.

What are the types of membership and eligibility?
Life Member
a) A doctor with MD/DCH (Pediatrics) or equivalent qualification, who is a citizen of India
b) Scientist, holding a health-related doctoral degree, who manifests scientific interest in pediatric nephrology.
Life members have the right to vote and hold office.

Associate Member
a) For doctors or allied-health professionals interested in kidney disease who are not eligible for life membership.
b) Members of Regional and/or Pediatric Nephrology Societies outside India
Member will not have right to vote. They can hold office as an executive committee member when ratified by ISPN life members during the annual general body meeting.