ISPN Newsletter

Website Live: India | EMBO Lecture Course on Complement in kidney diseases (ielc23/02)

Dear organisers,

Your website is now live and you should also have received an HTML email which you can use to publicise your event. This has also been sent to the people who registered for an alert when your event site was available.

I have also previously shared the Google Docs spreadsheet with your chosen Gmail address. You can use it to modify the course programme and speakers list, should you need to. Any updates will be instantly reflected on the web page.

You have also been set as the course administrator on the registration system if you have already registered on it, allowing you to review applications and choose successful applicants, amongst other things. Please let me know if you have any questions and, importantly, please remember to set applicants as “accepted” or “rejected” in the registration system. The manual for use of the registration system can be found here:

Best of luck with your course!